Q. How long does it take?
A. Approximately one hour is all you need to achieve maximum results as you will have 2 x 30 minute treatments to brighten your smile.
We do however have the new Sunnasmile Express Whitening Service available - 30 minute treatment
Q. Shouldn't this treatment only be performed by a dentist?
A. Teeth whitening is a cosmetic procedure which is non-medical. Most dentists don’t actually perform the whitening treatments themselves, very often it’s an assistant. Dentists don’t receive any university training in teeth whitening they only receive vendor training such as ours.
​At no time does a technician touch your mouth or perform any dental procedure or diagnosis.

Q. How safe is it?
A. We offer the latest whitening gel approved for use in Australia. We have a hygienic non-touch procedure. At NO time does a technician touch a client’s mouth. Our gel is safe and gentle for teeth and gums; problems are extremely rare.
Q. Is Teeth Whitening for every one?
A. Most people can have teeth whitening treatments except for pregnant/lactating women, if you have braces, or if you’re under the age of 16 years.
Q: How white will the my teeth go?
A. This depends on each individual and the extent of discoloration, on average 3-5 shades lighter can generally be expected. The more stained the client’s teeth the more dramatic the result. How regularly the client has a teeth whitening procedure will affect the result. When whitening is done every 6-12 months or more it is considered a maintenance procedure.
Q. After my treatment will my teeth get any whiter?
A. After your treatment, your teeth will continue to whiten further over the next 48 hours, so that's why it's important to be careful what you eat or drink.

Q. How long after my treatment can I eat or drink?
A. You should not eat or drink anything except water during 60 minutes after the treatment because the gel opens the pores of your enamel and makes your teeth very vulnerable to staining agents.
Q. How long after my treatment should I restrain from eating or drinking coloured food and drinks?
A. We recommend that you NOT consume tea, coffee, red wine, curry or anything that would stain a white shirt for 48 hours if possible, as your teeth are more susceptible to re-staining during this period. If you must consume dark liquids, do so through a straw.
Q. How long will the treatment last?
A. This depends on the client’s diet and lifestyle, results on average last up to two years or more in some cases.
Q. How often can I have the treatment?
A. You can safely have the treatment 3 times per year, so every 4 months, to maintain your white smile and remove any staining that may have have occurred since your previous treatment.
Q. Can I whiten caps, crowns, fillings or veneers?
A. Whitening will NOT whiten your crowns, caps, fillings or veneers. Whitening gel will only whiten natural tooth enamel. However, if there are any external food or drink stains on these restorations they will come off. The actual colour of the filling, cap, veneer or crown will not be altered. Any restorations on your front teeth may need to be replaced after the whitening process is finished. If mould material gets trapped underneath the wire or bridge, it can loosen your bonded retainer/bridge or you might have difficulty removing the mould from your mouth. You may want to get the moulds made at your dentist if you have a bridgework.
Q. If I use teeth whitening toothpaste will that change my results?
A. If you continually use teeth whitening toothpastes or have had your teeth whitened previously in the last 12 months, it will diminish the effect of the LED treatment and lessen your results.